The International Day of People with Disabilities ‒ Kriszti’s Story

Kriszti has been working at STUDIO IN-EX for more than two years. Currently she is working as an organizational and process developer. What is special about Kriszti’s situation is that she lives with disability.


The importance of room automation in an office environment

It has been proven that the ergonomics of an office have a positive impact on workflow, efficiency and even health. Besides all these it depends on the premise’s automation level whether a person feels well in an office or not.


Revizto, a visual collaboration software platform

Revizto is a cloud-based visual collaboration software platform, which can not only be used by our engineers, but also by other project teams. It assists the project team from the design phase to the end of the construction.


Our departments at IN-EX – Project management

One of the strengths of IN-EX is that our design projects not only involve our highly professional engineers, but we also have a dedicated team that provides back-up support for the management of the projects.


Orchestra rehearsal room as an instrument

The Competition team was established almost a year ago within Studio IN-EX in order to provide the opportunity for our adventurous collegaues to take part in international architectual tenders. Their first job was an Austrian competition/application.


From the schoolyard to coordinating leading architects

Csenge’s story demonstrates the key to our improvement very well: If any of our colleagues is open and looking for an opportunity to develop, then we can guarantee that.


From HR to process development, from starting
to changing a career

It is safe to say the process management has become an integral part of IN-EX’s everyday life. An increasing number of our coworkers gets acquainted with the development mindset, experiences its challenges, and shows a new side of themselves, that the others are not familiar with.


Updating the Revit project

There are many methods and workflows for updating Revit models. For larger projects we developed a working methodology on how to achieve the highest possible level of security when migrating Revit projects.


Revit modelling tutorial

Watch a short video tutorial from our professionals to see how we use Revit models made in-house, tailored to our needs.


This is how we work! – An Introduction to the office of Studio IN-EX

When our company was founded, we were just a handful of engineers who believed in progress and innovative technological solutions for the future.


IN-EX: in-house key disciplines – The simulation of heat and smoke propagation

Today, the issue of ensuring a cost-effective energy supply, especially for industrial buildings that are used for production, is becoming much more important than ever before.


This is how we recruit

We are constantly looking out for co-workers for each of our disciplines. Our HR generalist Andrea Bányász introduces us to Studio IN-EX’s recruiting strategy.


Studio IN-EX ‒ the innovative enterprise that keeps sustainable development in mind

Architect Dániel Dobszai gives us an insight into his everyday life in the following article.


Lean management in architecture?

We would like to level up again, and to do that we are focusing on improving our processes. But what is lean?!


Our engineers are participating in BIM trainings

Years of experience and knowledge are valuable in themselves, but we believe it is important to help the next generation of architects.


This is how we work! – An Introduction to the office of Studio IN-EX

When our company was founded, we were just a handful of engineers who believed in progress and innovative technological solutions for the future.


State of the art hardware for BIM

Probably few people have asked the question so far: What do animated films, high-end cars, and cutting-edge architectural designs have in common? The answer, however, is simpler than you might think...


We won the Lovable Workplace 2021 award

STUDIO IN-EX General Design has entered the 2021 Lovable Workplace competition and to our great delight, the labour market voted that our office is indeed a “workplace to love”.


Our application for the design of the new main building of Mathias Corvinus University has been bought

Our architectural design at the competition for the new multifunctional building of Mathias Corvinus University has been bought. Congratulations to all participants, and a big thank you to the team of ARROW Architects and Lépték-Terv Landscape Architects for your work!


Our entry has been published on the online portal

We are very proud that the joint design by STUDIO IN-EX and ARROW for the Mathias Corvinus Collegium building has been presented by Építészfórum, the largest online architectural magazine in Hungary.


The architectural competition “Heart of Tata” ‒ the Leisure Centre

The architectural competition “Heart of Tata” was launched in the spring. Some of our colleagues at STUDIO IN-EX felt like showcasing their creativity alongside their day jobs and have created a design that makes our entire company very proud.


Learning from each other ‒ visual programming interface Dynamo

In our office, our BIM experts regularly hold in-house training sessions on the Autodesk Revit 3D building information modelling software for designers from different disciplines. This week we will have a detailed overview of the Dynamo visual programming interface...


H2Offices ‒ the office complex of the future in Octogon magazine

One of Skanska's latest domestic investments, H2Offices, is one of the company's most impressive projects in Budapest. The new office complex is in line with modern business needs: flexible office space, sustainability and well-being...


The IN-EX Architects’ Club is back in action

The IN-EX Architects' Club is back in action: Every two weeks in the afternoon, we have informal discussions on topics related to architecture, based on the subjects provided by the magazines El Croquis and Detail.

Felelős foglalkoztató pályázat díj STUDIO IN-EX

STUDIO IN-EX Ltd. has won the title “Responsible Employer of 2021” award

Today, more and more companies recognise the need for responsible employment and societal engagement, and their potential.