STUDIO IN-EX Ltd. has won the title “Responsible Employer of 2021” award


Today, more and more companies recognise the need for responsible employment and societal engagement, and their potential. A responsible employer uses tools and activities that increase employee engagement and satisfaction. They believe in the importance of creating quality jobs and opportunities for development and advancement, in a family-friendly approach and community building, in training and development, team building, health promotion, and the development of local communities and society as a whole.

Building on the experience and feedback of the past years, OFA Nonprofit Ltd. has again this year awarded the outstanding good practices of 2021, which promote the development of a responsible approach towards employment in Hungary. In “The Responsible Employer of the Year” competition, Studio IN-EX Zrt. was awarded 2nd place in the medium-sized company category. As a responsible employer, our strategic goal is to create a physically and mentally healthy environment for our employees, ensuring optimal work processes and teamwork, taking into account the ever-changing composition of our workforce. When designing the work environment, we made it a priority to provide an ergonomic office for our employees, which can be used for physical and mental health services, while at the same time providing space for socialising through play and sports.