Learning from each other ‒ visual programming interface Dynamo


In our office, our BIM experts regularly hold in-house training sessions on the Autodesk Revit 3D building information modelling software for designers from different disciplines.

This week we will have a detailed overview of the Dynamo visual programming interface in English and Hungarian. With Dynamo, Revit users without knowledge of Python or other programming languages are able to create codes that work with their Revit projects. Using Dynamo can make the designers’ jobs easier by automating many workflows that would take significantly more time to complete manually. It’s also useful for quality control purposes, as the automated processes can ensure that no parts have been missed as opposed to someone doing the same task manually, especially if the task involves a large number of elements. For large-scale projects, the use of automation, be it add-ins or Dynamo scripts, is essential, because manual solutions do not scale well in time.