This is how we recruit


As a partner of international companies, we work on large-scale projects, so, we are kind of predestined for continuous growth and development. Which means, we are constantly looking out for co-workers for each of our disciplines. Our HR generalist Andrea Bányász introduces us to Studio IN-EX’s recruiting strategy.

How many years of experience are expected of an architect to be able to join the team, and on which platforms do potential candidates meet the company?
We welcome the application of both first-time job-seekers and experienced candidates when it comes to work as an architect, an electrical, structural or a mechanical engineer. We have a complex recruiting strategy. One of the important parts of this are the social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, and we also appear in the newsletter of professional websites. We redirect our applicants to our website, where they can find a detailed introduction and immediately apply for our offers. We are active on LinkedIn as well because the applicants are keen to use this platform.

How does the selection of the suitable applicants happen?
The HR team must react flexibly to the applicants. Our goal is to notify the applicants as soon as possible. In most cases this happens within 24 hours. We always notify the applicants whether we call them in for a job interview or reject them based on their CVs. If the applicants are invited for a job interview, they receive an email containing the most essential information: our office’s address, the date and the time of the interview, and some other information about our co-workers participating at the interview. It is possible that the job interview will take place within one week after the actual application.

What is the application process like?
We receive the application files via an online recruiting platform. In case of architects, we always ask for a professional portfolio, but now this is not only their privilege anymore. So, we welcome portfolios from the engineers as well if they want to introduce us to their earlier projects. The HR team sees the incoming CVs, and according to their competences, we notify the leaders of the relevant departments (or disciplines) and forward the CVs to them. So, we can decide together if the applicants fit in the structure of IN-EX from both the HR and the professional perspective. Due to the high number of our staff, we have four separate architectural design studios besides the engineering departments. So, for example if someone applies for a position as an architect, their documents can be seen by several studio leaders at the same time and they can discuss on a shared platform which team the applicant should join. After this the applicant will be invited for a job interview in person where there will be an opportunity for their future studio leader to participate.

What is the job interview like?
The applicants first get surprised when they first enter the office. Every corner of our office in Budapest reflects the IN-EX lifestyle: Besides the professional design, the office is open and friendly. It is part of our company policy to maintain a casual but respectful tone with each other, despite the differences in age, gender, or position. And this is what you will experience at the job interview as well if you apply!

What happens after the interview, and how can the new applicant fit into the day’s business in a designer office?
We always send feedback to our applicants, which fact is also mentioned during the interview. Then we consider the applicant’s acceptability, and if our decision is positive, we send out a job offer. When the applicant accepts this, we can start working together! Studio IN-EX has had 25 years of experience, during this time we have always made an effort to work with people who support each other, so, newcomers can be assured they will be surrounded by a cheerful team, the members of which are always willing to give a helping hand. All our colleagues work here full time with legal employment, and receive fringe benefits. Besides offering the usual Cafeteria elements, we have a sports room, weekly massage, fruit days every Wednesday and shared lunches on Fridays. Our office’s favorite place is the “gaming room” where we can play pool, foosball, darts and, of course, console games. We work hard to improve our services provided to our co-workers. We welcome innovative ideas, so we can become an even more lovable workplace.

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