Our engineers are participating in BIM trainings


Years of experience and professional knowledge are valuable in their own right, but we believe it is important to help the next generation of architects and those who are looking to learn about innovative, forward-thinking technology.

The emergence of technology in a wide range of industries is a natural process, as this is the most obvious way to increase their efficiency. The construction industry is no exception. Digitalisation has a major role to play in speeding up the designing and the construction process. Recognising this fact was of major importance for us, as it was one of the reasons why we were able to design in BIM from the very beginning.

Our experts have more than a decade of experience with Revit, and also, we, as a company of architects and engineers have been designing in the market-leading closed-BIM system for almost a decade. These years of experience and professional knowledge are valuable in themselves, but we believe it is important to support the next generation of designers and those who are looking to learn about innovative, future-oriented technology. Therefore, our BIM experts have started to develop the syllabus for trainings and to compile training materials.


Shortly afterwards, in 2017, they started teaching at the Budapest University of Technology. Our experts now teach at two faculties of the university. Students at both the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Civil Engineering will gain a broad range of Autodesk Revit and BIM skills from our experts, who are now involved in teaching 7 courses. In addition to gaining relevant knowledge for their professional development, during a course they will also get an insight into the day-to-day work of designing. Students studying civil engineering and specializing in BIM design can spend a day in our office and see the practical benefits of their knowledge.

In our country, BIM education started after 2015 and has become increasingly important. And last year, the training in Building Information Modelling reached a milestone in Hungary, with the launch of the first program specializing as BIM engineers. The training was attended by several of our colleagues who are also involved in teaching in this program. It is thanks to the unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the desire to improve and the brilliance of our engineers and software developers that we have achieved this high level of professional knowledge and gained so much relevant experience.


This in itself is a great success but passing on all this knowledge and experience is the real honour and merit for us.

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