Why work here

Team spirit

We're not just looking for a colleague, we're looking for a teammate!

Why work here

Inspiring working environment

We welcome you in an inspiring, exclusive working environment.

Why work here


With market-leading technologies and innovative solutions, we provide the highest quality engineering services to our clients.

Our philosophy

At STUDIO IN-EX, we pride ourselves on being an open, honest, efficient, and quality-conscious company.

Through our shared values, we have created a company culture that ensures optimal working conditions and personal development for our employees.

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Why work here


Ágota Szalaga

IN-EX keeps me professionally fresh, there's always a new challenge – that's why I've been here for 7+ years. It's also exciting to watch the company grow and change. Another important thing for me is that we can work on high-performance machines. And I'm particularly proud of the fact that we made a brave move to Revit at the time.

Landscape architect

Éva Heisenberger

Because my colleagues are also my friends, because I come to work in the morning feeling happy, because we don't just work, we organise a lot of activities together, because we have exciting jobs, because I can be creative, because our office is very nice.


Dániel Dobszai

Because we find everyone’s place in a team where they can and love to work, and because everyone’s opinion matters.


Viki Samu

Because we have a very good community here, and the attitude and the work ethic of the management is exceptional. Because here I can be part of a big family. Because we always help each other with everything. Because we work very well as a team, and we always learn a lot from each other. Because we are flexible and creative in the way we tackle problems.

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Physical and mental health






Our values


We are one step ahead of others. We offer the opportunity to grow and to learn throughout our lives in order to support both our experts and our clients with the latest technology.


The secret to our motivation is that we're always at the forefront, thanks to the continuous development of our expertise, our diverse projects, and our great community.


By constantly reviewing our processes and tools, and always relying on the advice of our expert team, we are able to serve our clients with the highest efficiency.


Working with friends, supporting each other in our personal lives, achieving high levels of professional success together – these are the pillars of the experience of coming to work every morning with a happy smile.

Recent posts


Integrating Disabled People Robi’s Story

On the International Day of People with Disabilities we would like to raise awareness with Robi's story for the importance of giving jobs to disabled people that satisfy not only the employer but the employee as well.


The International Day of People with Disabilities ‒ Kriszti’s Story

Kriszti has been working at STUDIO IN-EX for more than two years. Currently she is working as an organizational and process developer. What is special about Kriszti’s situation is that she lives with disability.


The importance of room automation in an office environment

It has been proven that the ergonomics of an office have a positive impact on workflow, efficiency and even health. Besides all these it depends on the premise’s automation level whether a person feels well in an office or not.


Revizto, a visual collaboration software platform

Revizto is a cloud-based visual collaboration software platform, which can not only be used by our engineers, but also by other project teams. It assists the project team from the design phase to the end of the construction.


Our departments at IN-EX – Project management

One of the strengths of IN-EX is that our design projects not only involve our highly professional engineers, but we also have a dedicated team that provides back-up support for the management of the projects.


Orchestra rehearsal room as an instrument

The Competition team was established almost a year ago within Studio IN-EX in order to provide the opportunity for our adventurous collegaues to take part in international architectual tenders. Their first job was an Austrian competition/application.