Penny Market Regional Logistics Centre in Veszprém

STUDIO IN-EX was entrusted with the complete architectural and engineering design of the 28,000 sqm facility.

Mechanical engineering
  • Location Veszprém, Hungary
  • Field 30.000 m2
  • Services
    • General design
  • Deliverables
    • Execution Design

STUDIO IN-EX has been chosen for the complete architecture and engineering design of the 28,000 sqm storage hall and additional spaces on a 10.2 hectare plot that meets both the client’s needs and the growing customer demand.

The program
The client wanted to provide a regional logistics centre for the Penny Market chainstore brand in the Veszprém area to ensure the daily supply of goods for the brand’s expanding network. The design program contains a 118 by 226 metres storage hall, which includes the office and social spaces, more than 100 parking lots, a refuelling station, a mechanical and an entrance building. The storage block has been organised into 3 sectors, two sectors on each side respectively with a lower ceiling height for the goods handling and the main sector with a higher ceiling for storage.The clear organisation of the three sectors – one main in the middle and two additional ones on the sides – is clearly visible on a birds eye view.

At STUDIO IN-EX, more than 130 architects and engineers collaborate in a 1,800 sqm office and in a universal, closed, 3D BIM system, which is the ideal method for the multidisciplinary design of industrial spaces. Working together in one space and one BIM system is the assurance of the highest quality for us and out clients.

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