The office is not just a working place for us. We love to play, and we don't have to give this up on workdays. If you're looking for a bit of relaxation, table tennis, PS, Nintendo, darts are available, but you can also chill out on the beanbags, the sofa or even play Lego together.


In English and German, it is possible to take part in group language training at different levels, and we also encourage our employees to continuously train themselves in their profession and keep their knowledge up to date: in the form of conferences, workshops and further training.

Physical and mental health

It's also important to take care of your health during the working day: the office massage is available twice a week in the office, and on Wednesdays we have special back exercise classes in the gym. To this end, colleagues can also benefit from massage, coaching, counselling, and back exercises in the office.


Our office equipment has been selected for the health, comfort and safety of its employees: in addition to the highly ergonomic Steelcase Leet’s B office chairs, gymnastic balls, knee chairs, backrests and motorized tables that support the alternating use of standing and sitting work are recommended for designers.

Community lunch

It is a tradition to have a weekly lunch together, when the company hosts all the employees, we try to take food allergies into account in addition. The joint morning coffee with the management not only serves a pleasant start to the day, but also has an inspiring effect on the team, as we can discuss all the issues and problems that arise and solve them together more easily.

Environmental awareness

An important aspect of the design and operation of our office is energy saving: our office spaces are bathed in natural light all day, so we need to use minimal local lighting. We encourage our colleagues to cycle to work, there is a bicycle storage room and a changing room / shower for extremely demanding cyclists. We collect garbage selectively, we don’t use plastic cups - everyone loves their favorite mug.