International architecture and engineering quality

What we do

We offer integrated architecture and engineering services for industrial, healthcare and commercial buildings in Europe, The Middle-East and Asia.

Integrated architecture and engineering services

At STUDIO IN-EX, we bring together 150 licensed professionals from all design disciplines in one 1800 sqm office, who work on the integrated design and engineering of complex industrial, healthcare and commercial projects. The projects that we work on demand very accurate engineering and perfect communication between disciplines. Since, all disciplines are working in one office and with the same BIM platform, we have achieved the most efficient collaboration.

Trusted partner of international firms

ur vast experience in industrial, healthcare and commercial projects delivered by market-leading BIM expertise helped us become a trusted partner of international corporations and collaborate on shared projects successfully with our partners in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Australia. Our goal is to deliver international design quality that is an added value for all of our partners around the globe.

BIM is our assurance of the highest quality

The highest possible quality and efficiency was our goal, when we started STUDIO IN-EX, so we had been one of the first firms to switch completely to BIM-based design. Our team of 150 licensed professionals includes all design disciplines and collaborate in a closed-BIM environment, ensuring the highest quality outcomes. Our closed-BIM system is based on globally market-leading technology, where all disciplines use the same, universally applicable BIM software. Since, everyone is working in the same office and with the same software, we have achieved the highest level of quality and productivity.

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