Debrecen Office


Our office is located in the Lion Office Building, with free parking, 24-hour reception, access control system and CCTV, all ensuring our safety. The complex also offers a bakery, a pastry shop, and a restaurant. The facilities and the equipment of our office were all selected for the health, the comfort and the safety of the employees working there: In addition to the highly ergonomic Steelcase Let's B office chairs, you can also choose a gym ball, a kneeling chair, or a backrest.


The office is not just a working place for us. We love to play, and we do not have to give this up on workdays. For a bit of relaxation, we play board games and darts, fight PS or Nintendo battles, and our favourite activity is constructing something big using LEGO bricks.


For our in-house training, we have set up a well-equipped classroom in our Budapest office, so we can provide professional development through various in-house training courses. We also encourage our staff to evolve their expertise and to keep up to date with their profession by attending conferences, workshops, and training courses.

Physical and mental health

It is also important to take care of our health and harmony during the working day: In the office, we organise a weekly fruit day for our colleagues, and we also support their sporting activities. And for any psychological problems that may arise, we can refer you to our coach-psychologist expert in the office.

Shared meals

It is a tradition to have a weekly lunch together, when all the company's employees are invited, and we also pay special attention to those with food allergies. Having coffee with the management on a Friday morning is not only a great way to start the day, but also inspires the team, as it allows us to discuss any issues or problems that may arise and to solve them together.

Environmental awareness

Energy efficiency is an important aspect of our office design and operation: our offices get loads of natural light during the day, so we only need to use minimal local lighting. We encourage our colleagues to cycle to work, and we have a bike storage facility for them to do so. Our waste is collected selectively, we do not use plastic cups – and everyone cherishes their favourite mug.