interior and exterior

We design, manage, and coordinate buildings, in 3-D and with a lot of experience

You have an idea. To build a new school or factory. Or to extend your hospital. You need a design company which designs in 3D, utilising the most advanced techniques to optimise your design, to make sure the actual result is exactly what it is meant to be and you want to work with a company which wants nothing but the best. 

That company is Studio IN-EX: we only work in a 3-D world, with the best people available. We work with international BIM-consultants (our partner, BIM Academy) to ensure the quality of our work and the optimal collaboration with all parties involved in the process. No compromises! 


inx_arc_02.jpgProviding solutions
for different architectural needs

We can design your project from scratch, making sure we use your ideas. We will make plans for the building permit, making the detailed design and survey the construction site (using 3D-scanners) to ensure the construction company is building exactly what we designed. We can also make plans for renovation or extension of you property. We will start with a 3D-scan of your existing building and integrate it with the design model which includes all disciplines.

inx_arc_03.jpgAssuring quality at all times,
even at a large scale

Quality means everything. To ensure speed in the design process, optimal collaboration with all parties involved and a cost-effective super end-result, we need to perform at our best. Working with the best people the industry has to offer, using the latest IT techniques and always, always, finding ways to improve ourselves. That is us. And if we make a mistake, the BIM-consultants we hire from the United Kingdom will help us finding those and make sure we fix them before you even know it.

InternationalWorking on international projects
with strategic partners

We want to work for you! Whether you are a Danish toymaker extending your factory, a German retail chain building new logistic centers, or a Hungarian ballet school renovating it's building, we have been there. From small to huge, from local to international, from new to improving something existing. We have the experience, the capacity and we have the will to do it for you as well! 

QualityLeveraging cutting edge technology,
pioneering architectural IT solutions

This is 2017. We live in a world of Pokemons, Virtual Reality, phones which are more powerful than computers ten years ago. We make use of the technology 2017 has to offer us. Working in the cloud with partners from all over the world, seeing what our subcontractor has designed today, to easily check and solve clashes. The opportunities of working in a true 3D world are massive. We know them, and we will use them to make sure you get the building you want. Cheaper, better and faster!






How we work


BIM, Building Information Modelling, means designing in 3D. If all design disciplines work in the same IT environment, use the same techniques and collaborate to solve the most complicated design issues, the best end result will be delivered. At Studio IN-EX, that is precisely how it is done: we make sure that all design disciplines work in a centralised Revit-modell, which allows us to guarantee a clash-free detailed design. This way, the construction company can work faster, with higher quality and at a lower cost! The as-built model after the construction phase can also be used in the operation and maintenance of your building.