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We offer integrated architecture and engineering services for industrial, healthcare and commercial buildings in Europe, The Middle-East and Asia.

Highlighted projects

Automotive Parts Factory

Ipari épület, BIM, Autóipari, CONTINENTAL

Debrecen, Hungary 2019 22,000 m2

The CONTINENTAL automotive parts factory is one of the most significant greenfield developments in the industrial park of Debrecen, Hungary.

Award Winning Automotive Parts Factory

Ipari épület, Autóipari,

Nyírbátor, Hungary 2018 21,000 m2

The new, 8,000 square meters factory of automotive parts and cables in Nyírbátor, Hungary has been designed to satisfy the increasing capacity requirements of a dynamically growing company.

Regional Logistics Centre

Ipari épület,

Veszprém, Hungary 2016 30,000 m2

STUDIO IN-EX has been chosen for the complete architecture and engineering design of the 26,000 sqm facility on a 10.2 hectare plot that meets both the client’s needs and the growing customer demand.

Factory extensions for renowned construction toy manufacturer

Ipari épület, BIM,

Multiple locations, Hungary 2018 Total of 250,000 m2

Studio IN-EX has been awarded with the complete architectural and engineering design of a series of factory extensions for the world’s most renowned manufacturer of plastic construction toys from Denmark.

Quality Workplace award for STUDIO IN-EX office

Belsőépítészet, STUDIO IN-EX Zrt.

Budapest, Hungary 2017 1,800 m2

We wanted to provide a spacious and modern office space for our team of 150 colleagues, so we have designed it ourselves. Gain more insight into the life inside the IN-EX office!

New Building for University Diagnostics and Oncoradiology Centre

Lakóépület, Egészségügyi épület,

Kaposvár, Hungary 2018 2,610 m2

Transportation to the facility was an extremely demanding process for the patients, so the University of Kaposvár has decided to extend the existing examination centre with a new 20 bedroom building to provide suitable accommodation for patients under treatment.

Reconstruction of Surgical Hospital Block

Egészségügyi épület, Belsőépítészet,

Kaposvár, Hungary 2016 2,900 m2

The reconstruction of the 2,900 sqm surgical block was the second phase of a three step plan to reinforce the structure and improve the facilities of the Kaposi Mór Hospital in Kaposvár, Hungary.

Magyar Táncművészeti Főiskola


Budapest, Hungary 2016 3,260 m2

The new building of the Hungarian Dance Academy for adult qualification has been a reconstruction and an extension of the existing protected building located in the XIV. district of Budapest.

Kosher poutry processing plant

Ipari épület,

Csengele, Hungary 2015 4,500 m2

The new building has realised the vision of the investor to create a kosher poultry processing plant on the plot of the former canning factory.

Aircraft Parts Factory

Ipari épület, Autóipari,

Nyírbátor, Hungary 2013 8,500 m2

The scope of the project for the german Diehl-Aircabin company was the complete design and building permit package of the new 8,500 square meters aircraft parts factory and a three storey office building in Nyírbátor, Hungary.

Shaded Pedestrian Walkway


Mina, Saudi Arabia 2013 600,000 m2

STUDIO IN-EX has been responsible for the architectural and structural engineering design of a 20 km long shaded pedestrian walkway that spans over 600,000 sqm of total area.

Deutsche Bank Interior


Budapest, Hungary 2012 1,250 m2

Complete design work for the Fire Safety upgrade and interior design fit-out in the listed building of the Deutsche Bank headquarter in Budapest.

Facade design and BIM management for GOODMAN logistics centre


Tuen Mun, Hong Kong 2019-2021 125,000 m2

Facade design and complete BIM modelling and management consultancy for a logistics centre for GOODMAN in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong.

More projects

Luxury brachfront condominium


Pilgrims accomodation project

Mina, Saudi Arabia2004

Casino Metropolis

Budapest, Hungary2006

Casino Atlantis

Budapest, Hungary2008

Interior design at Vám street

Budapest, Hungary2007

University concept

Taibah, Saudi Arabia2013

Family residence interior visualization

Budapest, Hungary2009

Privighetorilor condominium buildings

Bucharest, Romania2008

Metropolitan Court reconstruction

Budapest, Hungary2013

Continental Office Building

Budapest, Hungary2012

Corvin Promenade residential buildings visualization

Budapest, Hungary2006-2011

Raiffeisen Office Building visualization

Budapest, Hungary2010

Renovation of a palace building in Pest

Budapest, Hungary2011

Budapest One Office Park

Budapest, Hungary2014

Visualization for Corvin Promenade

Budapest, Hungary2006-2011

Other projects

B-Box shop, Campona

Budapest, Hungary, 1999

Survey of the accessibility level of public institutions

Hungary, 2013

OBO Bettermann

Bugyi, Hungary, 2014

Madárhegy Resident Estate

Budapest, Hungary, 2008

Flat interior design concept on Corvin Promenad

Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Development of Nagykanizsa city center visualization and animation

Nagykanizsa, Hungary, 2009

Notary house visualization

Budapest, 2012


Medina, Saudi Arabia, 2015

Development of economic site

Hatvan, Hungary, 2007

Key-Tec factory

Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, 2000

Office building visualization on Váci street

Budapest, Hungary, 2001

Villa building visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2010

Tourinform office

Tihany, Hungary, 2011

Medicover Health Center

Budapest, Hungary, 2006

Corvin Promenade - premier house

Budapest, Hungary, 2008

Tents for Arafat area

Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 2013

Marcali Outpatient Health Center

Marcali, Hungary, 2008

Rosenberger Galvanic

Jászárokszállás, Hungary, 2012

Home interior design, Kresz Géza street

Budapest, Hungary, 2011

Gold Plaza visualization and animation

Baia Mare, Romania, 2009

Development of Szent István square visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Corvin Corner Office Building

Budapest, 2013

Weekend building of Prince in Al Khobar

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, 1999

Flextronics, LEGO factory

Nyíregyháza, 2000, 2008


Nyíregyháza, 2014

HRH Office Building in Jeddah

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2007

BSR Office Building

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Apartment house in Krakkow - The interior decoration of community spaces

Krakkow, Poland, 2013

Department HRH building in Taif

Taif, Saudi Arabia, 2007

Koninklijk Park 1 assessment-processing

Apeldoorn, Netherlands, 2012

Residential house extension, Paris

Paris, France, 2010

Flextronics factory - office wing

Cork, Ireland, 2000

Ferihegy Sky Court

Budapest, Hungary, 2011-2012

Egston electronic factory - Lemberg

Lemberg, Ukraine, 2007

Téma cafe

Budapest, Hungary, 2005

IMEX factory

Sopron, Hungary, 2005

Square wall at Váci street visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Veenhuizen, Netherlands, assesment-processing

Veenhuizen, Netherlands, 2014

Office center concept on Váci street

Budapest, Hungary, 2011

Logistic center - Dnipropetrovsk

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2006

Residential house, Montpellier

Montpellier, France, 2010

Conceptional plans of Körtér visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Paks nuclear power plant - Office extension

Paks, Hungary, 2013

Fáskert Residential Park

Veszprém, Hungary, 2001

Utility corridor

Nyíregyháza, 2014

Entrance Building

Nyíregyháza, 2016

Kempkensberg 12, Groningen, Netherlands, assessment-processing

Groningen, Netherlands, 2014

KPMG Office Building visualization

Budapest, 2012

Renovation of a palace building in Pest

Budapest, Hungary, 2011

White Mosque, Makkah

Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 2012-2013


Netherlands, 2014

TESCO Express on Pagonyi street visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Funeral Urn Mortuary visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2010

Planning of new fire department stations

Hungary, 2014-2015

Budapest One Office Park

Budapest, 2014

Metropolitan Court reconstruction

Budapest, 2013

Planning of two-flat residential home in the Buda hills

Budapest, Hungary, 2008

Logistic park Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006

Reception of Futureal Office Building

Budapest, Hungary, 2008

Corvin Cinema expansion concept visualization and animation

Budapest, Hungary, 2008

Industrial building refurbushment

Dordrecht, Netherlands, 2011

Corvin Promenade - virtual reality

Budapest, Hungary, 2008-2009

Flextronics factory

Mukachevo, 2004

Public building visualization

Budapest, 2016

Clinics, Sellye

Sellye, Hungary, 2009-2011

Siemens - Electric cooker factory

Sibiu, Romania, 2004

Electrolux - refrigerator factory

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, 2003, 2005

Quality control laboratory

Kudai, Saudi Arabia, 2016

Királyhágó square visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2008

HIRSCH porocel factory

Nyíregyháza, 2002, 2004

Design of office interior in Bank Center

Budapest, Hungary, 2003

H&M showroom

Szolnok, 2016

Rosenberger reception

Jászárokszállás, Hungary, 2012

Logistic center - Odessa

Odessa, Ukraine, 2006

Extension of listed building

Budapest, Hungary, 2008-2011

Environmental planning visualization

Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary, 2004

Hermina Towers

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Molding production hall

Nyíregyháza, 2014

Corvin Atrium plaza visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Szentendre Cemetery Park

Szentendre, Hungary, 2008

New and unrenovated ambulance stations planning

Hungary, 2013-2015

Reconstruction of Broadway movie theater visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2004

Lukács Confectionery

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Processing building

Budapest, 2016

Phicomp factory

Szombathely, Hungary, 2001

Wine factory

Baden, Austria, 2013

GSK Office Building

Gödöllő, Hungary, 2006

Regional development concept visualization

Örkény, Hungary, 2009

Corvin Close - the gate of Corvin Promenade visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2008

Victoria & Albert

Budapest, Hungary, 2012

Office building visualization

Budapest, 2015

Koninklijke Bibliotheek assessment-processing

The Hague, Netherlands, 2010

Bay Project film

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Roof structure for the Big Stage on Margaret Island visualization

Budapest, 2013

Waste container storage

Budapest, 2016

Carpet exhibition

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Elektro World Miskolc

Mikolc, Hungary, 2008

Exedy industrial hall

Tatabánya, Hungary, 2008

Office building concept visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Activity park visualization

Füzesgyarmat, Hungary, 2010

Industrial park Nyíregyháza

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, 2000-2008

Vaillant factory

Skalice, Slovakia, 2006

Office building in Hold street

Budapest, Hungary, 2010

Pyrolysis power plant

Sajóbábony, 2008

Szabadság square in Komárom visualization

Komárom, Hungary, 2006

Residential park

Kittsee, Austria, 2013

Thermoplast factory

Libiaz, Poland, 2005


Nyíregyháza, Hungary, 2000

Mina Hotel

Mina, Saudi Arabia, 2014

Metropolitan court reconstruction

Budapest, 2015

Europolis Park - logistic center

Kiev, Ukraine, 2007-2008

Muiderslot Herengracht 1 assessment-processing

Muiden, Netherlands, 2012

Visual reconstruction of a Bauhaus apartment interior

Budapest, Hungary, 2006

Budapark Office Buildings

Budapest, Hungary, 2001

Corvin köz - Üllői street visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Art Deco and Modernism Exhitbition

Budapest, Hungary, 2012

Corvin Office conception

Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Coca Cola Headquarter visualization

Prague, Czech Republic, 1996


Hilversum, Netherlands, 2011

Metropolis Casino, KÖKI Terminal

Budapest, Hungary, 2011


Hoofdorp, Netherland, 2012

Lajos Kozma Exhibition

Budapest, Hungary, 2006

Patio visualization Hotel Steindl

Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Home interior design, Dob street

Budapest, Hungary, 2011

Kőbánya-Kispest shopping centre visualization and animation

Budapest, Hungary, 2008

Museum of Applied Arts design competition

Budapest, Hungary, 2012

Etele City Center - interactive visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2010


Budapest, 2016

Office building of TESCO

Budapest, Hungary, 2001

Hotel Novotel visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2005

Simplon Cafe

Budapest, Hungary, 2013

Settlement plan of a public area in Óbuda visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2010

Fozzy logistic center

Kiev, Ukraine, 2006

University concept visualization

Taibah, Saudi Arabi, 2013

Cordia Sales Office

Budapest, Hungary, 2006

Conversion of a house on Virányos street

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Continental Office Building

Budapest, 2012

LIDL shopping stores

Budapest, Hungary, 2008-2011

Office building of Henkel visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2004

Jászárokszállás City Sports Club - Sporthall

Jászárokszállás, 2014

Industrial park - central building

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, 2000

Handling are expansion

Nyíregyháza, 2016

Highbay warehouse

Nyíregyháza, 2014

Szentendre Danube promenade

Szentendre, Hungary, 2007

Continental office building and test center

Iasi, Romania, 2009

Euro Center shopping mall visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2000

Sport Arena conception

Karcag, Hungary, 2001

Office building fit out visualization

Best, Netherlands, 2013

Privighetorilor condominium buildings

Bucharest, Romania, 2008

Site ensuring human detention

Kiskunhalas, 2015

Media Markt new design

Maglód, Hungary, 2008

Casino Atlantis

Budapest, Hungary, 2008

Rosenberger cable factory

Nyírbátor, 2016

Oude Kerkweg

Oude Kerkweg, Netherlands, 2013

Bacardi Bar design visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Diagnostics center expansion

Kaposvár, Hungary, 2004

Flextronics electronics plant

Zalalövő, Hungary, 2000

Digital 3D visualization of Generali interior design

Budapest, 2013

Sitform new production hall

Zalaegerszeg, 2002, 2011

Flextronics factory

Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, 1998-2001

Flextronics - metal - plastic factory

Nyíregyháza, Hungary, 2001

Interior design at Vám street

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Packing building

Nyíregyháza, 2015

Family residence interior visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Shopping and office center visualization

Rijeka, Croatie, 2001

Komercni Bank interior visualization

Prague, Czech Republic, 1996

Shopping center Amstelveen

Amstelveen, 2015

Conception plans for 800 flat residential building

Iasi, Romania, 2008

Conceptual university design visualization

Koronka, Romania, 2002

Hospital in Marcali visualization

Marcali, 2010

Shopping Center Szeged visualization

Szeged, Hungary, 2007

Entre deux

Maastricht, Netherlands, 2011

Paks nuclear power plant - Storage building

Paks, Hungary, 2013

Residential house

Andornaktaly, Hungary, 2007

Administrative building in Kudai

Kudai, Saudi Arabia, 2012

Etele City Center

Budapest, 2010

Football Stadium in Debrecen visualization

Debrecen, Hungary, 1998

Visualization for Corvin Promenade

Budapest, Hungary, 2006-2011

Corvin Atrium visualization concepts

Budapest, Hungary, 2006

Luxury beachfront condominium

Vietnam, 2008

Residential house in Szentendre visualization

Szentendre, Hungary, 2017

Gustav Mahlerlaa0n

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2011

Corvin Promenade - residential buildings visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2006-2011

Ludovika design competition visualization

Budapest, 2012

Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2012

Football Stadium in Székesfehérvár visualization

Székesfehérvár, Hungary, 1998

Pilgrims accomodation project

Mina, Saudi Arabia, 2004

Court of Kispest

Budapest, 2013

Citi Bank center visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 1997

Corvin Offices visualization

Budapest, Hungary, 2016

Pannonhalma Abbey 3D representation

Pannonhalma, Hungary, 1995

Medical Center, Professional

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

Sun Garden

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2003

GSK Office Building visualization

Gödöllő, Hungary, 2006

Grand Circus of Budapest - Facade renewal

Budapest, 2013

Risksmuseum voor Volkenkunde assessment-processing

Leiden and 'S-Gravezande, Netherlands, 2010, 2011

Archeologic Park

Miskolc, Hungary, 2006

Processing building

Nyíregyháza, 2016

Listed building reconstruction

Budapest, 2015

Office building fit out visualization

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013

Villa reconstruction visualization

Budapest, 2016


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