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How we work

The highest possible quality and efficiency was our goal, when we started Studio IN-EX, so we had been one of the first firms to switch completely to BIM-based design.

Our team of 150 licensed professionals includes all design disciplines who collaborate in a closed-BIM environment, ensuring the highest quality outcomes.

We leverage our project-based BIM expertise to enhance internal and external collaboration and provide BIM support for our partners.


Building Information Modelling - BIM

BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling. BIM is a globally used methodology, in which buildings are designed and construction from information-rich 3D models, instead of old fashioned 2D drawings. It is fundamentally changing the way buildings are designed, built and operated. The transition of the industry is inevitable and BIM will be business-as-usual for all professional practices.



In the past 20 years, the general productivity gain of the construction industry was a mere 1%, which is only a fragment of the gains in the automotive industry, which has been working in 3D for decades. Productivity could be drastically increased, if we also applied these 3D methods in the construction industry. The highest possible quality and efficiency was our goal, when we started Studio IN-EX, so we had been one of the first to decide switching completely to BIM-based design.



Many companies claim today that they use BIM, but what really matters is how well they can really do it. We bring together 150 licensed professionals from all design disciplines in one 1800 sqm office, who collaborate in a closed-BIM environment, ensuring the highest quality outcomes. Our closed-BIM system is based on globally market-leading technology, where all disciplines use the same, universally applicable BIM software. Since, everyone is working in the same office and with the same software, we have achieved the highest level of quality and productivity.


Better Construction & Operation

Using BIM, spatial coordination errors can be resolved in the design phase already, eliminating re-work and costly delays on the construction site. Detailed BIM models, gives investors insight into expected costs more accurately. This way, projects can be finished within time and budget, which is a significant cost saving compared to traditional practices. Informed decisions, based on the BIM model, in the design phase have huge impact on the final perfornance of the building, reducing operating costs dramatically.


Market-leading BIM Expertise

We have established a dedicated team from the most seasoned BIM experts of Studio IN-EX, who are responsible for the efficiency of internal BIM processes and offering our partners the best BIM capabilities. We are constantly experimenting with the latest technologies, so we can provide the highest possible quality services. Our BIM expertise is based on long years of hard work, which is highly respected today. It helped us to gain the trust of international corporations and collaborate on projects successfully.

BIM uses

Case studies

We have established a dedicated Team from the most seasoned BIM Experts of Studio IN-EX, who are responsible for assuring the quality and efficiency of internal and external collaboration and provide BIM support for our partners.

BIM case studies

BIM Management of the iconic MOL Tower

Budapest, Hungary 2019 85,000 m2 BIM,

The MOL Campus, designed by Foster and Partners in collaboration with local architects Finta Studio, will be the new headquarters for MOL Group, a global oil and gas company based in Hungary.


Detailed engineering and BIM modeling support

Frankfurt, Germany 2017 - 2019 12,000 - 65,000 m2 BIM,

Studio IN-EX has been supporting the international engineering and project management consultancy, Royal Haskoning DHV, with the detailed engineering and BIM modelling of data centres for more than a dozen projects for the past 2 years.


BIM modelling support for landmark AGORA project

Budapest 2018 78,000 m2 BIM,

AGORA Budapest, masterminded by the renowned MAKE Architects from London and the Hungarian FINTA Studio, will comprise nearly 130,000 sqm of leasable space with premium category, modern offices and services.


BIM management of the National Skating Centre

Budapest 2018 65,000 m2 BIM,

The National Skating Centre will have an indoor 400 metres long speed skating track, four 30×60 ice tracks suitable for ice hockey, short track speed skating, figure skating and additional facilities.


BIM modelling for landmark M+ Museum

Hong Kong 2015 60,000 m2 BIM,

We were asked by Hsin Chong to help update all the architecture, structure and MEP BIM models for the 3 main buildings of the M+ Museum complex due to time limitations.



Budapest, Hungary 2018 - currently 106,000 m2 BIM, Skanska

Skanska is developing an office complex consisting of three units in the 13th district, at the corner of Váci road and Dózsa György road with contributions by Arrow Architects and Studio IN-EX.


BDRS Holding Ltd. warehouse extension

Budapest 2020 5,080 m2 Ipari épület, BIM, BDRS Holding Ltd.

The BDRS Holding Kft. commissioned our company to perform the task of general planning of a multifunctional building.


Penny Market Regional Logistics Centre

Karcag, Hungary 2019-2022 28,000 m2 Ipari épület, BIM, Penny Market

Our architects and engineers designed the extension and interior reconstruction of the regional logistics centre in Karcag for the Penny Market.


Automotive Parts Factory

Debrecen, Hungary 2019 22,000 m2 Ipari épület, BIM, Autóipari, CONTINENTAL

The CONTINENTAL automotive parts factory is one of the most significant greenfield developments in the industrial park of Debrecen, Hungary.


Factory extensions for renowned construction toy manufacturer

Multiple locations, Hungary 2018 Total of 250,000 m2 Ipari épület, BIM,

Studio IN-EX has been awarded with the complete architectural and engineering design of a series of factory extensions for the world’s most renowned manufacturer of plastic construction toys from Denmark.


Facade design and BIM management for GOODMAN logistics centre

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong 2019-2021 125,000 m2 BIM, GOODMAN

Facade design and complete BIM modelling and management consultancy for a logistics centre for GOODMAN in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong.



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