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2018. 11. 17.
Építészet és mérnökség, BIM,

For the construction of their new factory in Debrecen, Hungary, technology company Continental has commissioned us to jointly create the archetypical design of future factories for the decades to come. You can read more about the projects and our design process in the article published on the Építészfórum online architecture portal.

This may be the answer to the 21st century design challenges

The most defining greenfield project of the industrial park by the Debrecen airport is a huge step not only for the city, but the Continental corporation, as it demonstrates solutions that could serve as the role model for future factory developments. The project spanning 22,000 square meters does not simply aim to create a production hall, but a small town around it as well, where the employees will be happy to spend both their working hours and free time. Increasing the ability of their employees create value is of paramount importance for Continental, for which providing the suitable work environment is essential.



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