Integrated design and engineering services

We are Studio IN-EX

We offer integrated architecture and engineering services for industrial, healthcare and commercial buildings in Europe, The Middle-East and Asia.

Our team of 150 licensed professionals includes all design disciplines who collaborate in a closed-BIM environment, ensuring the highest quality outcomes.

We are a trusted partner of international companies operating in the CEE region.



Studio IN-EX was founded in 2010 by two experienced architects, Balázs Molnár (right) and Péter Krámer (middle), who have been working on design and engineering projects in Germany, The Middle East and Hungary. Marc Schlaghecke (left), a Dutch entrepreneur, joined the company in 2015.


International Partners

STUDIO IN-EX is a trusted partner of international firms operating in the CEE region. We have been working closely with companies such as Kontek BV, Royal Haskoning DHV, Werner Voss & Partner or the world’s most renowned manufacturer of plastic, construction toys. In 2018, we became members of the European network of MERGE Consultants. Apart from the office in Budapest, Studio IN-EX also has an office in Hong Kong.


BIM-based Design

Studio IN-EX employs 150 licensed professionals from all design disciplines in one 1800 sqm office, who collaborate in a closed-BIM environment, ensuring the highest quality outcomes. Our closed-BIM system is based on globally market-leading technology, where all disciplines use the same, universally applicable BIM software. Since, everyone is working in the same office and with the same BIM software, we have achieved the highest level of quality and productivity.


Award Winning Office

Our team of 150 professionals work in a modern office space spanning 1,800 sqm on two floors. We believe that a quality work environment is the base of quality work and quality living. Our motto “Effective Environment for an Effective Team” inspired the design that created the space where our colleagues are happy to work every day.


All news and actualities

The H2Offices building design has been awarded the ‘Access4you’ gold certification

Studio IN-EX 2022. 01. 21. Építészet és mérnökség,

The design of the H2Offices building has been a special challenge for Studio IN-EX. We are extremely proud that Access4you International Ltd. has certified that the construction design of the H2Offices – Phase I – Building B meets the criteria for the...


We won the Loveable Workplace 2021 award

Studio IN-EX 2022. 01. 21. Építészet és mérnökség,

Studio IN-EX General Design has entered the 2021 Loveable Workplace competition and to our great delight, the labour market voted that our office is indeed a “workplace to love”.


Studio IN-EX Ltd. has won the title “Responsible Employer of 2021” award

Studio IN-EX 2022. 01. 21. Építészet és mérnökség,

Today, more and more companies recognise the need for responsible employment and societal engagement, and their potential. A responsible employer uses tools and activities that increase employee engagement and satisfaction.


LEED Gold certification – a real source of pride

Studio IN-EX 2022. 01. 21. Építészet és mérnökség,

We are very proud that the entire general design and the technical management of the Vitesco Technologies factory in Debrecen was carried out by our office. In May 2019, the design and structure received preliminary LEED certification and now, in autumn...


Site visit on the VABA apartment building

Studio IN-EX 2022. 01. 21. Építészet és mérnökség,

The finishing touches have been put to our Vahot utca apartment building project, where the final construction works are underway. During our visit, we could see the roof terraces of the second-floor apartments and the balconies of the residential towers...


MERGE European Network of Consulting Engineers

Studio IN-EX 2021. 11. 04. Építészet és mérnökség,

Last week the annual (unfortunately online) MERGE conference with all international members was organized. MERGE (http://www.mergeconsultants.net) is a European network of engineering consultants.


IN-EX participates in BIM World in Munich in November

Kiss Tamás 2019. 10. 16. Építészet és mérnökség, BIM,

BIM World Munich, one of the most prestigious BIM conference of the year, will be held on 26th-27th of November. This year, Studio In-Ex will be there among the 180 exhibitors.


IN-EX participates in BIM World in Munich in November

Marc Schlaghecke 2019. 09. 06. Építészet és mérnökség, BIM,

IN-EX will be participating in the BIM World in Munich on November 25th and 26th. For more information click below, or reach out to us!


BIM will be mandatory from June in Catalonia

Peter Koncz 2019. 04. 11. Építészet és mérnökség, BIM,

Koncz Péter, our international business development manager, has attended the EU BIM Summit held in Barcelona, Spain.


STUDIO IN-EX at the Budapest Property Tech Forum

Koncz Péter 2019. 03. 06. Építészet és mérnökség, BIM,

Éva Viszkai (Manta Works), Ádám Korbuly (OrthoGraph), Rita Lippai (Prologis), Tibor Massányi (DVM Group), Zsolt Oláh (Studio IN-EX) and Enikő Paukó (Graphisoft) discussed the advantages of using BIM at #BudapestPropTechForum


Travelling to the far east - BIM conference in Hong Kong

Peter Koncz 2018. 12. 09. BIM,

Peter Koncz, our international business development manager, has visited Hong Kong to speak at the most prestigious annual BIM event of Asia’s world city. He has talked about the firm’s vast BIM experience in his presentation.


BIM for the property sector

Peter Koncz 2018. 11. 29. Építészet és mérnökség, BIM,

Koncz Péter, our international business development manager, has spoken at the Property Technology Forum Europe in Warsaw about the various benefits of BIM for the property sector.


Being featured on leading Hungarian architecture news site

STUDIO IN-EX 2018. 11. 17. Építészet és mérnökség, BIM,

For the construction of their new factory in Debrecen, Hungary, technology company Continental has commissioned us to jointly create the archetypical design of future factories for the decades to come.


Foundation-laying Ceremony of Continental

STUDIO IN-EX 2018. 09. 17. Építészet és mérnökség, BIM,

For the foundation-laying ceremony of the new Continential automotive parts factory, designed by STUDIO IN-EX, our BIM department has prepared an interactive Virtual Reality experience for the audience.



Our team of 150 licensed professionals brings together all design disciplines in one office who collaborate in a closed-BIM environment, ensuring the highest quality outcomes.



Our team of young and experienced architects designs buildings to fulfill our client’s requirements and expectations. Embracing high quality, importance of the right proportions, the beauty of uniqueness and sustainability are the values that define our design process. We continuously adapt to the evolving needs and challenges of architecture. The use of 3D models and BIM technology enables our clients to visualise, explore and analyse the building during the design process, improving collaboration and helping us to efficiently meet their expectations. We love new and exciting challenges. We hope that future generations will find satisfaction in using the results of our hard work.



In our team of structural engineers, structural plans of buildings are born in an efficient collaboration of young and experienced colleagues. Our task is to design the steel and reinforced concrete structures of buildings with cost-efficiency and client requirements in mind. The plans are made from concept to construction details in close collaboration with all design disciplines using a closed, coordinated BIM system. Our goal is the planning of buildings with outstanding quality, the supervision of planning from concept to construction plans and construction support.



Our team consists of young and well trained professionals who are dedicated to the BIM-based design of building systems. We aim for the visualization of information required for elements of building systems in a single BIM model, management of data handover to each discipline and stakeholder and the integration of schematic diagrams with detailed flooplans. We design systems with our client’s requirements in sight and we flexibly adapt to all necessary design changes. Beyond traditional MEP systems (heating, cooling, HVAC, plumbing and drainage, gas supply), we are also familiar with more advanced technologies, such as compressed air, process gas and steam supply systems. Our goal is to make a virtual BIM model that is suitable for construction as well, so we can support our contractor partners with the necessary software and technical information.



Our team of seasoned electrical engineers have experience in all fields of building services, such as middle voltage, low voltage, extra low voltage, BMS systems and smart solutions for buildings. We are open and highly flexible about finding possible solutions for our partners. Being budget-conscious in our approach is a vital part of our design. We have vast experience in several building types and purposes such as industrial, residential, energetics, data centers and more. Working in BIM models and virtual reality helps us to maximize the effectiveness of coordination between us, the MEP and the architectural departments. We are a team, who begins the design process with the end in mind to reach the best results.



We have established a dedicated team from the most seasoned BIM and Software Development experts of Studio IN-EX, who are responsible for the efficiency of internal BIM processes and offering our partners the best BIM capabilities. We are constantly experimenting with the latest technologies, so we can provide the highest possible quality services. Our BIM expertise is based on long years of hard work, which is highly respected internationally today. We make the projects more efficient, precise, faster, transparent and innovative. Nothing is impossible for us, you can turn to us with any innovative idea and we can turn it into the reality.

Our partners at MERGE

Merge is a European network of Established and Experienced Consulting Engineers.

The members of the network are experienced consultancy firms with a thorough knowledge about the civil, structural and building services engineering industry in Europe. Members collaborate to offer the engineering design and advisory services to clients across national borders.

By using the network MERGE members can help clients and each other to set up the best organisation for carrying out specific projects.


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